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The implementation of the wind farm project precedes the time of design. We distinguish the following stages in the design process that we can offer:

Verification of the investment site

Obtaining a permit together with the assembly of measuring masts, and then assessing wind resources on a regional and local scale, taking into account topographical conditions, terrain roughness, and urban conditions, using Wind Pro software. Analysis of turbines layout in terms of terrain, as well as buildings and protected areas. Logistic verification of the area - the possibility of transporting turbine elements for the future investment.

Project approval stage - administrative procedures

Evaluation of the provisions of the Study of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development and making necessary changes related to the adaptation of the Local Spatial Development Plan to a given project (if such a plant is approved in a given area), or obtaining development conditions or a decision on the location of public purpose. Obtaining all necessary opinions, agreements, reports, decisions, e.g. environmental decisions, arrangements from the aviation office. Conducting social consultation. Checking existing power lines and possibilities of connecting to them. Condicting evaluation of the impact, negotiations and obtaining of connection conditions.

Preparing technical designs

Execution of all construction plans necessary to obtain a building permit: land development plan, pland of foundation of the wind turbine, access road plan, energy industry plan - MV line together with a farm connection plan or a GPZ plan. Taking into account guidelines of the manufacturer of the the wind turbines that will be installed on the farm. Performing optimization of the SN and WN cables route together with the arrangements with the owners of the plots. Taking care of agreements with all institutions who owned the investment territory, and all institutions necessary to properly design the construction project.

Wind farm construction

After completion of the design stage, the construction of the wind farm begins, including the construction of access roads, maneuvering areas, foundations and energy infrastructure, as well as the preparation and subsequent dismantling of road modifications for the reception of wind turbine components at the construction site.


The investment process of a solar farm is less complicated than a wind farm. The first action to be taken is to choose the right place for the location of the future farm. The plot must have the option of placing an installation based on a fixed structure hammered into the ground, and also have an option of a network connection. We provide verification of the location of the future investment in terms of distance to a network connection.

We offer you assistance in verifying the provisions of the Local Spatial Development Plan and monitoring changes in the provisions of the Plan in order to adapt it to the implementation of a solar farm. In the absence of the document, we offer assistance in obtaining development conditions or a decision on the location of a public purpose investment. We ensure cooperation with local authorities and assistance in obtaining all necessary approvals, agreements and decisions.

The next step in the administrative procedure for the implementation of a solar farm project is to obtain connection conditions. The receipt of such conditions guarantees the possibility of connecting to the network and selling the produced energy. Together with the application for issuing connection conditions, we submit a number of necessary documents. Then we prepare a conceptual design that contains specifications of devices (panels, inverters, datalogger, etc.), a description of the investment, and an initial cost estimate of the project. The project may also be used by the investor to apply for a loan for the implementation of the intended project or for co-financing from EU funds.

Then we carry out the necessary projects and provide cooperation with the Poviat Authority to submit works or obtain a building permit, and then provide comprehensive implementation of the task.


We offer

Realization of all stages of multi-family houses construction: from excavation to turnkey condition.

We guarantee

Full security of the work, adherence to deadlines proposed by the client, high quality of services, coducting work using our own equipment, and competitive prices.

We have at our disposal

A highly qualified technical staff with all the qualifications, huge experience in the field, and an efficient and tested construction brigade.

We have

Cutting-edge equipment of renowned brands, including plastering machine, floor pouring machine, scaffolding for each order, as well as long-term contacts with building wholesalers, which allows us to supply construction materials at competitive prices after prior agreement with the client.

We declare

Appropriate insurance contracts in the scope of civil liability in connection with the occurrence of fortuitous events and insurance of equipment used to perform tasks.

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